Bordeaux inspired assemblage of Merlot and Cabernet Franc from Napa’s select vineyards

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Owner and Founder

Marty Mathis

Creator of LATERAL concept and Founder of LATERAL brand.  Considered one of the top Bordeaux style winemakers in the state.  Son of Kathryn Kennedy and 40y veteran of the wine business.  Brings extensive experience Bordeaux red winemaking; having personally made Merlot of Cabernet Franc lots from more than 25 vineyards from thoughout California.  Advocate of multi-source blends and moderate extraction methods, Mathis was among the first in the modern movement to label a Napa Valley as “Made with Organic Grapes”.  Certified as such in 2009 by the CCOF.



Chris Condos
(owner of Vinum Cellars and Horse & Plow)   Condos is renowned for his expertise in high quality, small batch wines and his advocacy of
Advanced Organics winemaking practices.  For over fifteen years, he has skillfully crafted Lateral, bringing out the greatest possible synergy from these traditional varieties. 



Advanced Organics Winemaking Techniques

We seek out and purchase exclusively from growers who adhere to sustainable vineyard practices; specifically those who maintain full certification as growing organic grapes.

We employ highly restrictive cellar and winery practices in conformity to organic production facility regulations under the USDA Organic Rule of 2003 as verified by the CCOF. (California Certified Organic Farmers in Santa Cruz CA) 

Approved winery methods include extensive record keeping, measure to eliminate co-mingling with non organic wines, detailed equipment cleaning protocols and prohibit the use of GMO additive or winemaking products.