Bordeaux inspired assemblage of Merlot and Cabernet Franc from Napa’s select vineyards


Merlot & Cab Franc 

Inspiration for LATERAL’s blend came from tasting the Premier Crus of Bordeaux labels such as Chateau Chevel Blanc and Chateau Ausone. 

Merlot and Cabernet Franc are the dominant grapes that make St. Emillion wine.  Merlot gives the wine lush textures, richness and concentration with flavors of plums, blackberry, licorice, chocolate and black cherry.  The Cabernet Franc adds aromatic qualities like flowers and spice as well as tannin and structure.

It’s really the interplay of the two grapes that originally caught my interest, they come together to fill each others void and create a harmony that’s has an approachability uncommon among clarets.  A style so friendly and plush in fact, St Emillion has been described as “The Burgundy of Bordeaux”.

The interplay of these two grapes is what gives Lateral a complexity unlike most California blends.

Photo Credit: Vince Spanier

Photo Credit: Vince Spanier

Napa Valley grapes

After using California appellation for 22 years we have made the distinct commitment to finding the finest vineyard sources available.  That pursuit has lead us finally to select exclusively Napa Valley grapes.   LATERAL is made from top level Napa Valley sources, including well known level vineyards such as Robert Sinskey, Yount Mill and Pat Garvey.



Made with Organic Grapes

Since 2009 LATERAL is "Made with Organic Grapes" as certified by the CCOF


Maybe it was the certified vineyards but many believe this version DOES TASTE BETTER....Find out for yourself if organic really makes a difference!