LATERAL has earned a cult following for being quite simply the finest Bordeaux-style blend at its price point. 


2014 Vintage

2014 Vintage - Darkest Lateral in recent years.  Alluring and expressive nose of smashed black cherries, pencil lead, warm earth aromas that feature hints of spices such as cedar wood box, dried rose petals and mint candy.
Rich black cherry in the mouth.  This wine has that “wow factor” with deep, rich and complex fruit flavors and a smooth satisfying texture with a lower tannin leading to a lithe and silky finish.  Begs for “big boy” food pairing without a need for cellaring.  $50.00/bottle

- Marty Mathis


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Photo Credit:  ms.akr

Photo Credit: ms.akr

For Marty Mathis, veteran winemaker at Kathryn Kennedy Winery, Lateral has been a continual pursuit of quality.  Over twenty years ago, with the fine wines of St. Emillion Bordeaux as his inspiration, Mathis set
out to create a balanced, luxurious blend from the finest grapes he could access.  This pursuit has never wavered, leading him finally to select Napa Valley sources, including top level vineyards such
as Robert Sinskey, Yount Mill and Pat Garvey.

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Lateral is an artisan wine, handmade by Chris Condos
(Vinum Cellars and Horse & Plow) in concert with owner Marty Mathis.  Condos is renowned for his expertise in high quality, small batch wines and his advocacy of Advanced Organics winemaking practices.  For over twentyfive years, he has skillfully crafted Lateral, bringing out the greatest possible synergy from these traditional varieties.

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